About Me

My name is Ilker Yilmaz, a swiss army man with creativity imbued in his vains.

At the early age of 12 I realized that my perception of movies and the Arts was nothing short of a feeling of amazement at the power of such an industry that was able to create and stir up inspiration and momentum within the audience’s minds and hearts.

As time passed, my passion for film grew deeper and stronger and it is because of this passion of wanting to visualise and create meaningful concepts that I found myself packing up and moving from my home-town in Germany to the vivacious city of Vancouver to finally pursue my life long yearning of a career in the Film Industry.
I have successfully completed the Film & Video Diploma Program at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

After moving back to Germany, I also enrolled in an apprenticeship at the film production Dropout Films in Mainz. In my time working with professional filmmakers I have learnt a lot about different stage of the creating process of projects. From pre-production, to production all the way to post production I have done it all but I am eager to see and learn even more.

Being able to create and participate in a variety of different films means so much that it’s hard to imagine doing anything else. There is a certain essence that Film and the Arts bring to the lives of people all over the world and I believe that with a fierce will, persistent determination, a lot of hard work and perseverance, film will change the world into a better place for all those who feel moved and invigorated to join me on this journey through the magic of film.